Can you sputter titanium?

What is the sputtering target?

A sputtering target is a material that is used to create thin films in a technique known as sputter deposition, or thin film deposition. ... As a result, most sputtering target materials are metallic elements or alloys, although there are some ceramic targets available that create hardened thin coatings for various tools.Mar 22, 2017

How long does a sputter target last?

Answer: The life of a sputter target is typically quantified in terms of units of power and time, like kilowatt/hours. For a target being sputtered at 500 watts for a total duty cycle of 100 hours that's 50 kilowatt/hours.

How are sputtering targets made?

The multielemental alloy sputtering targets can be easily made by arc-melting or radio-frequency melting of a mixture of metals in a vacuum or inert-gas atmosphere.

Why is Argon used for sputtering?

Inert gases, specfically argon, are usually employed as the sputtering gas because they tend not to react with the target material or combine with any process gases and because they produce higher sputtering and deposition rates due to their high molecular weight.

Is sputtering top down or bottom up?

Sputtering can be performed top-down while evaporation must be performed bottom-up. Advanced processes such as epitaxial growth are possible. Some disadvantages of the sputtering process are that the process is more difficult to combine with a lift-off for structuring the film.

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