How can I restore my polarity to right?

What is Polarity Therapy and how does it work?

  • After doing extensive research for over 50 years in the field of Ayurveda, and other eastern concepts of energy medicine, he created an integrative healing system known as Polarity therapy. Dr. Stone’s healing system is based on the simple fact of movement of energy and its flow.

What causes polarity reversal?

  • The negative energy flowing from the other person can cause polarity reversal in you. Since we are all natural energy beings, we are susceptible to reversed energy from man-made electrical forces.

How do I know if my polarity is correct?

  • Especially if you are in a very important dowsing session, working with clients or not sure you are in a zone of beneficial energy, test your polarity often during the session to make sure it hasn't ‘flipped'. Just do the thymus thump if it has. This is an excellent way to be assured your answers are more accurate.

image-How can I restore my polarity to right?
image-How can I restore my polarity to right?
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