How do I get Skype on my TV?

What happened to Skype on Samsung Smart TV?

  • Samsung has removed the Skype application from the official store on Smart TV TVs. What has provoked a storm of indignation on the part of users. Commentary Microsoft: What changes will occur with Skype for TV?

Can you use a webcam on a smart TV for Skype?

  • What makes things worse is that smart TV sets running Android TV OS can’t even support a simple USB webcam. Companies such as Logitech tried producing dedicated “ TV cams ” for Skype calls, some having built-in H.264 video compression. However, TV cams were an extra cost and created even more confusion.

How to install Skype on Samsung H series TV?

  • Installing Skype on your TV Samsung H series. 1. Remove the older version of Skype. 2. Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord, wait until the lamp turns off on the front panel. Turn on the TV. 3. Cast InstallSkype folder from a previously downloaded file on a flash drive. 4. Go to the SmartHub and run the widget Install Skype.

image-How do I get Skype on my TV?
image-How do I get Skype on my TV?
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