How do you make a simple hovercraft?

How do you make a paper airplane out of paper?

  • Take a standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper. Fold in in half long ways, then unfold. Fold the top edges in so that they line up with the center line. At this point, this should look very similar to the most basic paper airplane design.

How long can a paper airplane fly?

  • Theoretically, this paper airplane will fly for as long as you continue to walk with and guide it, say Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe, aka "The Coke and Mentos Guys." (All images courtesy Chronicle Books)

How many types of Paper Planes are there?

  • How to Make Paper Planes 1 Most Popular Paper Planes 2 Dart Paper Planes 3 Fighter Jet Planes 4 Bomber Paper Planes 5 Canard Paper Planes 6 Delta Wings 7 Flying Wings 8 Stealth Paper Planes 9 Exotic Paper Planes 10 Starship Paper Planes 11 Classified Paper Planes

image-How do you make a simple hovercraft?
image-How do you make a simple hovercraft?
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