How do you view a CT scan of the brain?

What do the arrows mean on a CT scan of the brain?

  • Sign up now CT scan images of the brain Left: Arrows indicate a collection of blood between the skull and the outer covering of the brain (epidural hematoma) that's compressing the frontal lobe. Right: Contrast material injected into a vein during this CT scan of the head highlights tumors in both sides of the brain.

What does a normal CT scan of the head show?

  • On a normal CT head scan, the grey and white matter should be clearly differentiated. Loss of this differentiation suggests the presence of oedema which may develop secondary to a hypoxic brain injury, infarction (e.g. ischaemic stroke), tumour or cerebral abscess. Abnormal shifts of brain tissue

What kind of contrast is used for a brain CT scan?

  • The most common type of brain CT scan with contrast is the double-contrast study that will require you to drink a contrast media before your exam begins in addition to the IV contrast. If you had mild to moderate reactions in the past, you will likely need to take medication prior to the brain CT scan.

image-How do you view a CT scan of the brain?
image-How do you view a CT scan of the brain?
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