How does a variator work?

What is a variator on a moped?

  • For the Moped Armybranch, see The Variators. A variatoris an element of the Continuously Variable Transmissioncommonly used on mopedsand other small engine vehicles. Motobecane, Peugeot, Derbi, Vespa, Minarelli, and Hondamopeds all offered at least one model with a variomatic transmission. Variator Operation

What is the plural of the word variator?

  • var·​i·​a·​tor | \\ -ēˌātə(r)\\. plural -s. : one that variates a speed variator specifically : a joint that compensates for variations in length due to temperature changes : expansion joint.

How does a variator change gear ratio?

  • Moving the friction ring between the two cones varies the effective gear ratio A variator is a device that can change its parameters, or can change parameters of other devices. Often a variator is a mechanical power transmission device that can change its gear ratio continuously (rather than in steps).

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image-How does a variator work?
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