How does SSL certificate validation services work?

Is it safe to use an expired TLS certificate?

  • Under opportunistic TLS, any encryption is considered better than no encryption. Consequently, mail servers have historically accepted certificates which were expired, not signed by a trusted CA or didn’t match the name of the receiving mail server. However, new standards and improved server hygiene are beginning to challenge these practices.

What is TLS and how does it protect email security?

  • Using TLS and certificates, mail servers are able to authenticate one another and established encrypted communications before transferring email. All mail servers should offer and use TLS to protect the confidentiality and integrity of email messages whenever possible.

Why should I enable secure renegotiation for TLS?

  • For TLS 1.2 or earlier, secure renegotiation should be enabled to reduce susceptibility to person-in-the-middle attacks. Client-initiated renegotiation, secure or otherwise, imposes a performance impact on web servers. A malicious client can send many renegotiation requests to consume server resources causing a Denial of Service [7].

image-How does SSL certificate validation services work?
image-How does SSL certificate validation services work?
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