How much energy do large hospitals use?

Which Australian states consume the most energy from public hospitals?

  • Victoria and New South Wales combined consumed 60% of total Australian public hospital energy (1,288 and 1,206 of 4,122 GWh respectively, 2018/19). Queensland public hospitals consumed 778/4,122 GWh [19% of total energy] and produced/purchased the most renewable electricity (74/778 GWh [9.5%]) of all state public hospitals in 2018/19.

Does air-conditioning use electricity in hospitals in Taiwan?

  • This paper presents the measured results of electricity consumption and cost in a large acute hospital in subtropical Taipei City of Taiwan ROC from August 2001 to July 2002. It was found that air-conditioning is the major electricity end use, accounting for more than 50% of the total building energy use.

How much water does a hospital use per square foot?

  • Large hospital buildings in the United States consumed about 133 billion gallons of water in 2007, totaling $615 million in water expenditures, with an average of 43.6 million gallons and $202,200 per building. The overall consumption per square foot was 67.7 gallons.

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image-How much energy do large hospitals use?
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