How should I transcribe a number number?

How many types of numerals are used in medical transcription?

  • There are two types of numerals, Arabic and Roman, which are used in medical transcription . Numbers denote quantities, ages, time and position in a series. Arabic numerals are in all 10, which are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

How are numbers transcribed in different languages?

  • For all English languages, such British English (en-GB) or US English (en-US), numbers are transcribed according to the following rules. Convert cardinal numbers greater than 10 to numbers. "One hundred twenty-three million four hundred fifty six thousand seven hundred eight nine" > 123,456,789

What are the rules for writing numbers?

  • Numbers should not only be accurate, they should be legible and easily spotted by the reader. Here are the basic rules for transcribing numbers. Writing Numbers. The numbers zero to nine must be written out while numbers having double figures should be written as numerals.

image-How should I transcribe a number number?
image-How should I transcribe a number number?
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