How to get Google Mini to work?

How do I set up Google Mini?

  • Open the Home application and sign in with your Google account. Select the Devices icon in the top right corner of the display that looks like a television and speaker. You should see your Google Home Mini at the top of the menu, offering to let you set it up.

How to set up Google Home Mini?

  • Choose where you’ll be placing the Google Home Mini (so you easily identify it from additional devices)
  • Connect to your WiFi network
  • Setup Google Assistant (agree to terms of service)
  • Teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice by repeating "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" multiple times
  • Please wait while the Google Home Mini is being updated
  • You’re all set!

What does Google Mini do?

  • The Google Mini is a search appliance that many companies use to power search on their website or index documents on their intranet. The Mini is basically a super stripped down version of what Google uses to crawl the web. We ran the Google Mini as our site's search index for several years before moving on to more custom methods.

image-How to get Google Mini to work?
image-How to get Google Mini to work?
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