Is the planet Cybertron real?

A Seed is a device made by the Creators and contains elemental Transformium that is the primal material of Transformers. It functions by being primed, then detonating, turning all organic matter around it into molten metal.Sep 10, 2021

What is Transformium?

Transformium is a programmable metal that appears in Transformers: Age of Extinction, it is what. Not Driller, we swear. Transformers are made of. The Transformers Galvatron, Stinger, Junkheap and other KSI drones are built with Transformium.

What happens to Megatron in Transformers The Last Knight?

In Dark of the Moon, the third movie in the live-action franchise, Optimus Prime kills Megatron. ... His plan ultimately failed and at the end of the fourth movie, Galvatron retreated, but vowed to return. He did return in The Last Knight, but not as Galvatron. Galvatron disappeared.Oct 24, 2020

What is the 4 transformers called?

Transformers: Age of Extinction is a 2014 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line. It is the fourth installment of the live-action Transformers film series and the sequel to Dark of the Moon (2011), taking place five years after its events.

How strong is Optimus?

Cybertronian strength: Optimus is shown to be strong compared to that of an average cybertronian. He was able to take down Shockwave with ease in the third movie. He is capable of lifting over 2,000 tons. Cybertronian speed: Optimus is shown to be a fast compared to that of an average cybertronian.

Is Transformium real?

Transformium is unlikely to be discovered anytime soon (or ever, for that matter), but that hasn't stopped real-life roboticists from trying to devise their own transformers.Aug 6, 2014

Why did Megatron become an Autobot?

In the face of enduring a shocking betrayal from a trusted Decepticon and barely surviving a grave injury in the process, Megatron began evaluating his actions and motives. After Shockwave killed Bumblebee, Megatron surprised everyone by taking the fallen Transformer's insignia and proclaiming himself an Autobot.Nov 7, 2019

Who is Megatron's son?

Serpent O.R. is the son of Megatron (or so he claims and nobody questions him on it) in the G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity. Lio Junior is the "son" of Lio Convoy.Nov 4, 2021

Who is Megatron's father?

Megatron's father, Megazarak, (who's name I borrowed from a Transformers character) was a warrior until he had been enslaved and forced to work as a miner. He met another miner, a femme bot named, Lunar Eclipse (my OC), before the two made love and gave birth to a son.Dec 20, 2020

What came first Gundam or Transformers?

The first Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam, came out on April 7, 1979. And Transformers came out in 1984 (I couldn't find the exact date). Also, the Diaclone toyline, which became the original Transformers, came out in 1980. So, Gundom came out before not only Transformers, but their predecessor too.

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How old is Optimus?

While many have settled on five million as an age for Prime, it stands to reason that he lands at about nine million years old, counting his time as Orion. No matter the exact age, all of those years at war explains why Optimus has such a strong desire for peace.Feb 7, 2021


Which Autobot died in Age of Extinction?

Age of Extinction

Lucas Flannery - Incinerated by Lockdown with a grenade. Oreo bot - Shot by the autobots. Steeljaws - Killed in different ways by Bumblebee and Cade. James Savoy - Tackled out a window by Cade Yeager, sending him falling to his death.


What is green transformers name?

Another new character that joins the cast is the Autobot, Crosshairs. He's this green Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. John DiMaggio voices this surly good guy. Hound finally makes it into the movie universe.Mar 4, 2014


Where did the Transformers come from?Where did the Transformers come from?

The first Transformer is born from the living metal of Cybertron, which immediately reconfigures to adopt its armored robotic shape.


What are Transformers made out of?What are Transformers made out of?

The living metal from which Transformers are constructed is known by many names, including protomatter, technomatter, sentio metallico, birth metal, cyber-matter, Sparked metal, elemental metal, and Transformium.


What happens to a transformer when it dies?What happens to a transformer when it dies?

The earliest Transformers' living metals were forged in the fires of the Plasma Energy Chamber. The Rebirth, Part 1 It was this universe that popularized the idea that when a Transformer dies, their living metal becomes drained of color.


Who is Cemetery Wind in Transformers?Who is Cemetery Wind in Transformers?

The owner of the company, Joshua Joyce, wants more Transformium to build his Transformers, so he and an illegal black ops squad known as Cemetery Wind strike a deal with a Cybertronian Bounty Hunter known as Lockdown. Cemetery Wind captures and delivers the Autobot Leader Optimus Prime, and Lockdown exchanges him for a Seed.

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