What are some everyday uses for magnets?

What are five uses of magnets?

  • The magnets can stimulate the nerves in the human body and increase the blood circulation, which carries oxygen to the tissues. The magnet are used to heal the pains and the wounds of the athletes. ... Doctors uses the magnets to cure arthritis, gout, spondilitis and other problems related to the nervous system.

What are the uses of magnets?

  • Sorting. Magnets have an important role in sorting metals that are magnetically charged from other non-magnetic material.
  • Alternative Medicine. Magnets have been used for generations in the alternative medicine field known as "magnetic therapy."
  • In Your House. ...

How do people use magnets?

  • Magnets are used in computer data storage, compasses , doorbells and alarm systems, microphones and speakers, motors, electrical generators and electrical transformers. They are also used to levitate objects, including trains that operate via magnetic propulsion.

image-What are some everyday uses for magnets?
image-What are some everyday uses for magnets?
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