What are the advantages of air-to-water?

What is air-to-water production?

  • Air-to-water production bring a new source of drinking water to our world, obviates dependence on municipal water and old, expensive infrastructure and pipes. It results in premium, delicious-tasting drinking water directly at the place of consumption.

Can you get unlimited water from the air?

  • Max Water: An Australian inventor has developed a device that is capable of harvesting unlimited water from air. Powered by wind, the device uses the same source for water as well. Dubbed Max Water, the system according to the inventor would even harvest significant amounts of water using air with low humidity.

How does the air-to-water system work?

  • Our core Air-to-Water unit uses a turbine that forces air through a heat exchanger, where the air is cooled and condensation takes place. A hybrid solution (solar/wind/grid) can be deployed to the same effect by driving a ventilation system.

image-What are the advantages of air-to-water?
image-What are the advantages of air-to-water?
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