What are ultrasound waves?

What is the difference between a sonogram and an ultrasound?

  • The term “sonogram” is also one that is used in the context of ultrasound scans. The main difference between sonogram and ultrasound is that ultrasound refers to both a type of sound wave whose frequency is too high for it to be audible to humans and also to a type of medical examination where ultrasound...

What is the frequency range of an ultrasound?

  • However, ultrasound used in medical practice is typically 1,000,000 Hz (1 Megahertz) or greater. So the next time you pick up an ultrasound probe or transducer just notice what “Frequency” the probe is. It will usually range (termed bandwidth) between 2 Megahertz to 10 Megahertz.

What is the speed of sound in an ultrasound machine?

  • Speeds of sound in common media and tissues are listed in Table 2-1. For soft tissues, the average speed of sound has been found to be 1540 m/sec. 1 Most diagnostic ultrasound instruments are calibrated with the assumption that the sound beam propagates at this average speed.

image-What are ultrasound waves?
image-What are ultrasound waves?
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