What does Chess Communication stand for?

Why chess for your business?

  • By leveraging world-class technology, Chess helps you to connect your people, protect your data, grow your business, reduce your costs and work better together, which means your business, your people and your customers can thrive. At Chess, we’re passionate about our unique culture and our continuous investment in our people to be industry experts.

What is the history of the chess engine?

  • Tim's answer formed the basis for what became known as the Chess Engine Communication Protocol or Winboard engines, originally a subset of the GNU Chess command line interface. Also in 1994, Stephen J. Edwards released the Portable Game Notation (PGN) specification. It mentions PGN reading programs not needing to have a "full chess engine."

What is distributed computing used for in chess?

  • Distributed computing is also used to improve the software code of chess engines. In 2013, the developers of the Stockfish chess playing program started using distributed computing to make improvements in the software code. As of June 2017

image-What does Chess Communication stand for?
image-What does Chess Communication stand for?
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