What does Eb/No Mean?

What is the Eb/No calculator?

  • This Eb/No calculator takes C/N, Bit rate and Bandwidth and calculates Eb/No. As explained above Eb/No, C/N and BER (Bit Error Rate) parameters are interchangebly used for measuring the performance of a wireless and wired system.

What is the meaning of Eb in computer networks?

  • Eb / N0. As the description implies, Eb is the signal energy associated with each user data bit; it is equal to the signal power divided by the user bit rate ( not the channel symbol rate). If signal power is in watts and bit rate is in bits per second, Eb is in units of joules (watt-seconds).

What is a bit energy (Eb No)?

  • Eb/No is essentially the energy stored within a single bit. We know that power equals energy over time, so there is a direct and proportional relationship between bit energy and receive signal power. By selecting a modulation method and desired BER you can determine the achievable data rates.

image-What does Eb/No Mean?
image-What does Eb/No Mean?
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