What does water column stand for?

What does water column mean?

  • A water column is a conceptual column of water from the surface of a sea, river or lake to the bottom sediment.

What is the function of the water column?

  • Function of Water Column Habitat. Water column habitat is critical for fish movement between other habitats. The water column allows sunlight to reach aquatic plants and alage, it allows oxygen and other essential dissolved nutrients to be delivered to aquatic plants and animals, and it provides a medium for all aquatic organisms to live.

How many inches of water column is in 1 psi?

  • One PSI is equal to 27.71 inches of water column; this is why water column is most often used to measure pressures under 1 psi. These low pressures are most often read using a manometer or a Magnehelic gauge.

image-What does water column stand for?
image-What does water column stand for?
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