What is a non-nominal type?

What is the meaning of nominal in English?

  • English Language Learners Definition of nominal. formal. : existing as something in name only : not actual or real. : very small in amount. See the full definition for nominal in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is a nominal type in Swift?

  • The currently accepted answer is incorrect; the actual answer comes from a deep and esoteric part of Swift's type system. Most types in Swift are nominal types —they're "named" types declared in a particular module as part of user code.

What is the legal definition of nominal defendant?

  • Legal Definition of nominal 1 : existing or being something in name or form but usually not in reality defenses…raised by the corporation as nominal defendant in a derivative suit — R. C. Clark 2 : being so small or trivial as to be a mere token charging a nominal fee 3 of a rate of interest

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image-What is a non-nominal type?
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