What is a perimeter fence?

What is Promax™ security fencing system?

  • The Promax™ Security Fencing System has been developed to enhance the industry accepted 358 mesh market with new innovative perimeter posts, mesh, toppings and gates. Profence is a leading Australian manufacturer of welded wire closed spaced mesh with Promax™ 358 mesh (71 x 9mm aperture) as it’s signature product.

What type of wire is best for a perimeter fence?

  • Concertina, Flat Loop Razor Wire, and Bulldog Spikes feature sharp barbs designed to prevent handholds, catch clothing, and rip flesh in those high security perimeter fencing applications. Diamond Chainwire is ideal for perimeter fences around sports grounds and is available in a range of aperture sizes, wire thicknesses, and finishing coatings.

Who is Australian security fencing?

  • Established in 1988, Australian Security Fencing has grown to become one of Australia’s leading companies within the high security fencing and perimeter protection market. We’ve done a lot since then. See Portfolio. Great guy's.

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image-What is a perimeter fence?
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