What is a token in cryptography?

What is encryption tokenization?

  • Encryption Tokenization; Mathematically transforms plain text into cipher text using an encryption algorithm and key: Randomly generates a token value for plain text and stores the mapping in a database: Scales to large data volumes with just the use of a small encryption key to decrypt data

Where are tokens stored in tokenization?

  • In the early days of tokenization, organizations chose to use on-premise models, where data and tokens are stored in the on-site databases and business systems. However, this method still enabled hackers to steal both sets of data, thus defeating the purpose of the security measures.

What can I do with the token value?

  • The token value can be used in various applications as a substitute for the real data. If the real data needs to be retrieved – for example, in the case of processing a recurring credit card payment – the token is submitted to the vault and the index is used to fetch the real value for use in the authorization process.

image-What is a token in cryptography?
image-What is a token in cryptography?
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