What is an AC fin tool?

What does an air conditioner condenser do?

  • Air conditioner condensers are a heat exchanger device; it has a similar operation principle to the evaporator. The condenser rejects heat from the air conditioner system to surrounding air (medium). While the evaporator absorbed heat from space that needs to be cool.

What is a fin comb?

  • A fin comb, also known as a coil fin tool, is a specialty tool used to straighten the bent fins of a condensing unit for an air conditioning or heat pump system.

What is a condenser coil?

  • A condenser coil is one of many types of heat exchangers. The primary purpose of a heat exchanger is to efficiently transfer heat between two mediums. Condenser coils are found in space heaters, air conditioners, and car radiators. Although there are slight differences in the function of these devices, the primary purpose is the same.

image-What is an AC fin tool?
image-What is an AC fin tool?
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