What is an induction light fixture?

What is induction street lighting?

  • Street Lighting. Induction street lighting are frequently used as replacement lighting fixtures for the older HID in many airplane hangars, aircraft maintenance hangars, industrial and manufacturing facilities with their extensive access roadways and large parking areas.

How do shake flashlights work?

  • Shake type design. A linear induction flashlight is charged by shaking it along its long axis, causing a magnet (visible at right) to slide through a coil of wire (center) to generate electricity. The linear induction, Faraday flashlight, or "shake flashlight" is another type of mechanically powered flashlight.

What is an induction lamp?

  • A round Induction lamp. The internal electrodeless lamp or induction lamp is a gas discharge lamp in which an electric or magnetic field transfers the power required to generate light from outside the lamp envelope to the gas inside.

image-What is an induction light fixture?
image-What is an induction light fixture?
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