What is an irrotational vector field?

What is the vorticity of an irrotational field?

  • The vorticity of an irrotational field is zero everywhere. Kelvin's circulation theorem states that a fluid that is irrotational in an inviscid flow will remain irrotational. This result can be derived from the vorticity transport equation, obtained by taking the curl of the Navier-Stokes Equations.

What is an example of a non-irrotational field?

  • The simplest, most obvious, and oldest example of a non-irrotational field (the technical term for a field with no irrotational component is a solenoidal field) is a magnetic field. A magnetic compass finds geomagnetic north because the Earth's magnetic field causes the metal needle to rotate until it is aligned.

What is an irrotational flow?

  • Irrotational flow occurs when the fluid motion rotates about its axis (e.g., water flowing in a bend in a pipe). Stewart Glegg, William Devenport, in Aeroacoustics of Low Mach Number Flows, 2017

image-What is an irrotational vector field?
image-What is an irrotational vector field?
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