What is an NKNK-class replication scenario?

What is the difference between XK and YK and ZK?

  • XK is your typical end of the world scenario. Everyone is dead, but Earth still exists. It may be able to be undone with SCP-2000. ZK is complete reality failure. You can't come back from a ZK, because there is nothing to come back from. Not sure what a YK is. Upon further research, YK is end of universe, or end of one dimension/reality.

Does CK-class restructuring end the world?

  • CK-Class Restructuring scenario: It doesn't end the world outright, but the world is so different that it might as well be gone. One example of a CK is SCP-140. The longer the book grows, the longer the gruesome Daevite civilization in the book survives in real life.

What is a qk-class quantum degeneracy scenario?

  • QK-Class Quantum Degeneracy scenario: When earth disintegrates into a quantum mess. SCP-2460, a piece of anomalous dark matter, can convert normal matter into more dark matter like itself, causing them to maintain their shape but lose the repulsion between particles, effectively causing objects to “phase through” each other.

image-What is an NKNK-class replication scenario?
image-What is an NKNK-class replication scenario?
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