What is an SMPTE color bar?

How do you set up a monitor with SMPTE bars?

  • Setting up a Monitor Using SMPTE Bars Turn on the monitor and allow it to warm up (10-15 minutes). Using a guaranteed source, display SMPTE color bars on monitor. Turn the monitor's chroma off or down completely. The pluge pattern consists of the three dark bars at the lower right - superblack, black, and gray.

What is the color order of the SMPTE pattern?

  • Like the SMPTE standard ("75%") pattern, the color order is white, yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, and blue, but with an additional column of saturated black. This pattern is used to check peak color levels and color saturation as well as color alignment.

What video codecs are supported by SMPTE?

  • SMPTE has published standards for many video codecs to provide well-reviewed documentation and enhanced interoperability. The latest of these is the VC-5 standard family that provides documentation and reference software for the video compression used in GoPro systems and workflows. SMPTE also has a new project to document the Apple ProRes codec.

image-What is an SMPTE color bar?
image-What is an SMPTE color bar?
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