What is Cobalt Strike penetration testing?
Cobalt’s backend is supported by a Postgres database to persist data. All data at rest and associated keys are encrypted using the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm. Only once an authorized user is granted access to their data will that subset of data be decrypted.

What is Cobalt Strike Beacon malware?

  • Attackers normally use Cobalt Strike Beacon as a delivery mechanism. Cobalt Strike relies on Beacon to gain access to the target network before downloading and executing malicious payloads. The malware is usually transmitted through DNS, Windows SMB protocol, HTTP, or HTTPS.

What should it providers know about opencobalt strike?

  • Cobalt Strike can also be used to circumvent 2-factor authentication through browser pivoting. The most important thing that your IT provider should be aware of is that attackers are known to crack the trial version of Cobalt Strike or use the commercial copy of the software to launch an attack against your organization.

image-What is Cobalt Strike penetration testing?
image-What is Cobalt Strike penetration testing?
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