What is DDoS mitigation and how does it work?

Can a DDoS attack be prevented?

  • While there's no way to outright prevent a DDoS attack, there are ways to minimize the damage of such attacks. If there's a possibility your organization may be targeted, it might prove worthwhile to carve out a section in your disaster recovery plan to ensure team members across the company can communicate efficiently if there's an attack.

What is a doddos attack mitigation?

  • DDoS attack mitigation works by detecting and blocking excessive spikes in network traffic, typically brought on through the efforts of malicious third parties. Cybercriminals seek to flood servers, websites, applications, infrastructure, or other assets with requests in an attempt to bring down or take your services offline.

What should you look out for when engaging a DDoS detection service?

  • When engaging such services, ensure you have a full understanding of their service level agreement that includes detection thresholds and time to mitigation. DDOS attacks can be conducted with relative ease. There is virtually no technical competency necessary, only a motive.

image-What is DDoS mitigation and how does it work?
image-What is DDoS mitigation and how does it work?
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