What is distributed database management system (DBMS)?

What are the features of a distributed database?

  • Distributed Database Features Some general features of distributed databases are: Location independency - Data is physically stored at multiple sites and managed by an independent DDBMS. Distributed query processing - Distributed databases answer queries in a distributed environment that manages data at multiple sites.

What does DDBMS stand for?

  • A centralized distributed database management system ( DDBMS) manages the distributed data as if it were stored in one physical location. DDBMS synchronizes all data operations among databases and ensures that the updates in one database automatically reflect on databases in other sites.

What are the advantages of DDBMS over centralized databases?

  • More Reliable − In case of database failures, the total system of centralized databases comes to a halt. However, in distributed systems, when a component fails, the functioning of the system continues may be at a reduced performance. Hence DDBMS is more reliable. Better Response − If data is distributed in an efficient manner, ...

image-What is distributed database management system (DBMS)?
image-What is distributed database management system (DBMS)?
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