What is ISACA and why is it important?

How many certifications does ISACA offer?

  • ISACA currently offers 8 certification program as well as other micro-certificates. ISACA originated in United States in 1967, when a group of individuals working on auditing controls in computer systems started to become increasingly critical of the operations of their organizations.

Is there a network of ISACA chapters?

  • There is a network of ISACA chapters with more than 200 chapters established in over 80 countries. Chapters provide education, resource sharing, advocacy, networking and other benefits. The CSX-P, ISACA's first cybersecurity certification, was introduced in the summer of 2015.

Where can I learn more about ISACA digital first?

  • Learn more about ISACA's Digital First initiative and impact to and other systems here: After a year off, the ISACA Perth Chapter is once again hosting the SecureIT Conference, a premier event in governance, security, risk and auditing.

image-What is ISACA and why is it important?
image-What is ISACA and why is it important?
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