What is matrixmatrix (swine only)?

Why matrix ®?

  • MATRIX gives swine producers unparalleled control of estrus synchronization in sexually mature, cycling females. This leads to maximal operating efficiency and profitability. MATRIX offers a convenient handling system to minimize handling concerns and simple storage requirements to maintain maximum product quality.

What is pig cell treatment?

  • The pig cell type of treatment has developed a fan following since 2011 after televised documentaries featured the use of powdered pig bladders and intestines for growing new human tissues, including an esophagus. Simply explained, a biodegradable matrix representing a human tissue or organ is built and placed into a patient at the point of need.

How do I administer matrix to my gilts?

  • Treat gilts on an individual basis by top dressing MATRIX on a portion of each gilt's daily feed allowance. Administer 6.8 mL (15 mg altrenogest) per gilt once daily for 14 consecutive days.

image-What is matrixmatrix (swine only)?
image-What is matrixmatrix (swine only)?
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