What is meant by phosphorescence spectrum?

What are the limitations of room temperature fluorescence and luminescence spectroscopy?

  • The main limitation of room-temperature fluorescence and phosphorescence techniques toward the selectivity of analysis is the broad nature of excitation and luminescence (fluorescence and phosphorescence) spectra.

What is phosphorescence used for in everyday life?

  • Applications. The majority of phosphorescence is often used in drugs in pharmaceutical field. Some common drugs that have phosphorescence property include Aspirin, benzoic acid, morphine, and dopamine. Phosphorescence is also used to analyze water, air and chemical pollutions.

What is the difference between fluorescence phosphorescence and photoluminescence?

  • Since both fluorescence phosphorescence are excited by the emission of a photon, they are often referred to as photoluminescence. Fluorescence varies from phosphorescence in that the electron spin does not change during the electronic energy transfer that causes fluorescence, resulting in short-lived electrons 10⁻⁵ s in the excited state.

image-What is meant by phosphorescence spectrum?
image-What is meant by phosphorescence spectrum?
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