What is plug and socket connector?

What is plug and socket connector?

An electrical connector is an electromechanical device used to join electrical conductors and create an electrical circuit. Most electrical connectors have a gender – i.e. the male component, called a plug, connects to the female component, or socket.

What is pin socket?

Submitted by Valérie on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 15:01. Contacts for connectors are called PIN or SOCKET. It defines the gender of contact. Pin / Male Contacts. Socket / Female Contacts.Sep 17, 2020

What are pin terminals used for?

Terminal pins are useful connection devices when it comes to soldering and printed circuit boards. They are short, rigid pins that are inserted through holes in the printed circuit board to allow connections to be made to the board easily.

What is a 3 pin plug?

3 pin plugs are designed so that mains electricity can be supplied to electrical appliances safely. A 3 pin plug consists of three pins (hence the name). Each pin must be correctly connected to the three wires in the electrical cable.

What is pin connection?

A pin connection works essentially like a lapped joint. It transfers vertical and horizontal shear loads and cannot resist any bending or moment (rotational) forces. The amount of load to be transferred through the joint will determine the size of the bolt and the plate thickness.

What is shrouded connector?

Shrouded Header Connector Home Page.

What is BNC?

(Bayonet Nut Coupling) A commonly used plug and socket for audio, video and networking applications that provides a tight connection. Using a mount somewhat similar to the way a bayonet (knife) is mounted onto the end of a rifle, BNCs are used to connect a variety of different coaxial cable types.

What is a pin crimp?

Crimp pin connectors are solderless electrical connections used to terminate stranded wire by inserting the stripped end of the wire into part of the terminal. The crimped end has a single pin and can be connected with other pins or inserted separately into an appropriate receptacle.

What does a banana plug look like?

Banana plugs attach to either end of a speaker wire, making it easy to plug and unplug your speaker and receiver. They're named banana plugs because they're wider in the middle of the plug, and narrower at the top and bottom, similar to the shape of a banana, and they plug into banana ports on your speaker.

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How many pins does a serial port connector have?

  • The external connector for a serial port can be either 9 pins or 25 pins. Originally, the primary use of a serial port was to connect a modem to your computer. The pin assignments reflect that.


How many pins are on a typical FireWire connector?

  • ­FireWire 800 cables use a 9-pin configuration. Six of those pins are the same as the six pins in the 1394a connector (shown above). Two of the added pins provide a "grounded shield" to protect the other wires from interference, and the third added pin does nothing at this time [ref].


What are BNC connectors used for?

  • BNC connectors are used with miniature-to-subminiature coaxial cable in radio, television, and other radio-frequency electronic equipment, test instruments, and video signals. The BNC was commonly used for early computer networks, including ARCnet , the IBM PC Network, and the 10BASE2 variant of Ethernet.


How many pins in a SATA connector?

  • Answer Description. SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) has two main connector types. The power connector is larger with 15 pins, while the data connector is 7 pins. Both are an L shape to avoid inserting a connector incorrectly.


What are the dimensions of the pin and socket connectors catalog?What are the dimensions of the pin and socket connectors catalog?

Pin and Socket Connectors Pin and Socket Connectors Catalog 1308940 Dimensions are in inches and Dimensions are shown for USA: 1-800-522-6752 South America: 55-11-3611-1514 Revised 5-03 millimeters unless otherwise reference purposes only.


How do I use the base and Hood connectors?How do I use the base and Hood connectors?

The base and hood latch together securely, yet can be quickly detached for equipment repair or replacement. These connectors have the same pin and socket configuration as connectors that meet MIL-DTL- 26482, so they can be used with products that meet the same standard. Quickly mate them by pushing them together.


What do you need to know about a socket set?What do you need to know about a socket set?

Sets include a plug and socket with wire leads already installed, so they can be quickly added to existing wiring systems. They fit standard Molex plugs and sockets. A sealed housing protects connectors from weather. Sets include a plug and socket with wire leads already installed.

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