What is res version?

What is RES setting?

RES stands for Reddit Enhancement Suite, and it's a browser extension that adds a variety of extra features to your Reddit experience. ... Once you've installed it, it should automatically change your Reddit experience.Feb 28, 2017

How do I use Reddit on Firefox?

The main URL,, is always the same and the name of the forum is just added to it. For the main Firefox forum, you'd go to for example. Reddit users may sometimes want to jump to certain forums right away.Nov 21, 2018

How do I access Reddit Enhancement Suite?

To access, check the “saved comments” tab on your user page. Jump through threads easily with this fun feature. On top of the submission box for each post, RES adds a navigation bar. Just click on the type of poster you want to track, and RES will add a pop-up window on the right side of the screen.Jul 17, 2012

Does Reddit Enhancement Suite work on mobile?

You can use Reddit Enhancement Suite on your Android tablet/Phone. (Most of you already know this but lets spread the awareness) : r/Android.

What does Reddit Enhancement Suite Do Reddit?

The Reddit Enhancement Suite is available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. ... Because it allows me to filter out a lot of negativity and it lets me browse Reddit productively (yes, it's really possible to be productive on Reddit).Jun 20, 2016

How do I turn on night mode in res?

You'll see the RES menu. Tap on “Search Settings.” Type “Dark mode.” Click on the “Night mode” option.Feb 12, 2021

How do I access Reddit?

To access the "old" Reddit just replace the "WWW" of the address with the old domain of the platform. Then paste in your browser> by <. You can be able to access it by anyone on the computer.Apr 7, 2021

How do I make Firefox Compact?

Click More Tools. Choose Customize Toolbar. At the bottom of the panel, click Density. Choose Compact (not supported) from the menu options.

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