What is rfrf wireless technology?

What is radio frequency (RF) technology?

  • Radio frequency (RF) wireless technology manufacturing and testing are areas where our team excels. We manufacture RF-based PCBAs, sub-assemblies and complete box builds. Our manufactured PCBA frequency ranges from MHz –over 40GHz.

Why do we need wireless and RF communication?

  • The “reduced size and price” of radios makes it feasible to add wireless capability to almost any device. Thus, the rich history of progress in wireless and RF communication has provided an array of technologies suited to a wide range of applications.

Why SMTC RF wireless technology?

  • SMTC is a strong RF wireless technology manufacturer. Manufacturing and test services applications for our aerospace and defense sector include: We use seasoned RF test technicians and engineers with a strong background in testing and tuning complex RF circuitry.

image-What is rfrf wireless technology?
image-What is rfrf wireless technology?
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