What is semaphore used for?

Can a semaphore have a negative value?

  • Semaphores are integer variables which count the number of _wakeups_ pending on it for future use. A semaphore cannot have a negative value, it can either be zero or positive. If it is zero then it indicates that there are no wakeups pending. A positive value represents the number of wakeups pending on it.

What are the components of semaphore?

  • Semaphore consists of a smart contract and zero-knowledge proof components which work in tandem. The smart contract handles state, permissions, and proof verification on-chain. The zero-knowledge components work off-chain to allow the user to generate proofs, which allow the smart contract to update its state if these proofs are valid.

When was semaphore first used?

  • The first use of the word semaphore in reference to English use was in 1816: "The improved Semaphore has been erected on the top of the Admiralty ", referring to the installation of a simpler telegraph invented by Sir Home Popham. Semaphore telegraphs are also called, "Chappe telegraphs" or "Napoleonic semaphore".

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image-What is semaphore used for?
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