What is the best software for 3D animation?

Why choose aboutabout science animated?

  • About Science Animated communicates complex research through compelling content. We offer a complete service, from initial consultation, through to script writing, animation and promotion of the finalised content. Not only do we create beautiful animations to explain your work – we ensure they are watched by the audience you want to target.

What is animation software and how does it work?

  • Animation is prevalent in nearly everything we do. From sending GIFs and creating presentations to creating video games and feature films, animation software is at the heart of it all. Making an animation involves a series of images that you manipulate over a set of keyframes.

What is ananimate your science?

  • Animate Your Science has helped 250+ researchers and institutions tell their stories by producing animations and graphics that generate impact. This company was founded by a scientist for scientists: so we understand your needs.

image-What is the best software for 3D animation?
image-What is the best software for 3D animation?
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