What is the EMR Connect program?

Who is involved in the EMR implementation?

  • EMR implementation will be a collaborative effort involving teams from your centre, the EMR vendor, and AOHC staff working on the EMR project. Depending on the size of your centre and resource availability, the number of project team members will vary.

What happened to the electronic medical record (EMR)?

  • In 2006/2007 treasury funded an initial investment in the Electronic Medical Record (eMR). As a result of that investment, over 100 hospitals are using the basic eMR and 100,000 people now have access to the eMR state-wide. In Late 2010 a business case to extend the original eMR functionality was submitted to Treasury.

What is Sunrise EMR & Pas (Sunrise EMR)?

  • The patient electronic medical record used in South Australia is a state-based system called Sunrise EMR & PAS (Sunrise EMR). Sunrise EMR is used at many of the state’s public hospitals and healthcare facilities where it replaces the need for paper-based medical record documents, and provides many benefits to patients and staff (PDF 225KB).

image-What is the EMR Connect program?
image-What is the EMR Connect program?
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