What is the Kaiko Mk-IV?

What happened to Kaikō?

  • Kaikō was the second of only five vessels ever to reach the bottom of the Challenger Deep, as of 2019. Between 1995 and 2003, this 10.6 ton unmanned submersible conducted more than 250 dives, collecting 350 biological species (including 180 different bacteria), some of which could prove to be useful in medical and industrial applications.

What is the Kaiko system?

  • The new KAIKO system started operation as one of facilities available for research exploration carried out for projects selected from among the proposals submitted from applicants in and out of JAMSTEC. KAIKO ’s new Vehicle was constructed and named “ KAIKO Mk-IV ”.

What are the parts of Kaiko ROV?

  • The ROV consists of two parts, Launcher and Vehicle. KAIKO ’s Vehicle has been upgraded occasionally, and the current forth one was named KAIKO Mk-IV.

image-What is the Kaiko Mk-IV?
image-What is the Kaiko Mk-IV?
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