What is the length of a Hora?

What is Chandra Hora and what are its benefits?

  • This Chandra Hora signifies the Moon, the planet of the Mind and is considered good for almost all activities. People can join services, travel, change residences, indulge in romantic activities, acquire clothes and ornaments, follow creative pursuits and do water-related works, during this time.

What is Guru Hora and how to wear it?

  • Blue Sapphire and Hessonite can be worn during this time for better effect. This Guru Hora signifies the highly auspicious planet Guru or Brihaspathi. This can hence be said as the ideal time for any auspicious activity, when all new beginnings can be made.

What is the significance of Surya Hora in Hinduism?

  • The Sun or Surya Hora signifies the mighty Sun and this period remains as energetic and powerful as its overlord. Hence, this is said to be highly suited for dealing with those in authority and power, meeting political leaders, handling judicial matters, applying for jobs, buying and selling, and for undertaking adventurous activities.

image-What is the length of a Hora?
image-What is the length of a Hora?
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