What is the official language of Boro tribe?

What is the Bodo language written in?

  • The Bodo language has been written using Devanagari script since 1963. Some scholar believe that at ancient time boro language were written in Deodhai script which is now lost. Bodo is a Sino-Tibetan language of the Bodo group. It is closely related to the Dimasa language and Tiwa (Lalung) Language of Assam.

What are the phonemes of Boro?

  • The Boro language has a total of 30 phonemes: 6 vowels, 16 consonants, and 8 diphthongs—with a strong prevalence of the high back unrounded vowel /ɯ/. The Boro language use tones to distinguish words. There are three different tones: high, medium and low. The difference between high and low tones is apparent and quite common.

When was the Bodo language introduced in Assam?

  • As a result of socio-political awakenings and various movements launched by different Bodo organizations from 1913, the Bodo language was introduced in 1963 as the medium of instruction at the primary level in an area dominated by Bodo-Kachari people who were the earliest settlers of Assam.

image-What is the official language of Boro tribe?
image-What is the official language of Boro tribe?
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