What is torque and how does it work?

What does high torque mean in a car?

  • In terms of driving experience, high torque means the shortest possible delay between the driver pressing the gas pedal and the engine responding. The driver perceives the high torque as great traction when setting off or overtaking.

What is the difference between tortorque and moment?

  • Torque is a special case of Moment, such that it relates to the axis of the rotation driving the rotation. Whereas moment relates to being driven by an external force to cause the rotation.

How does torque affect acceleration speed?

  • The statistics usually given is the maximum torque of the internal-combustion engine at the crankshaft. More torque means that your car can accelerate faster in the initial phase movements when the car starts to pick up speed since the beginning. First use of torque is to make the car accelerate. (source: BTC-Echo)

image-What is torque and how does it work?
image-What is torque and how does it work?
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