What is transtransmission line measurement?

What are direct transmission and total transmission measurements?

  • Direct transmission measurements for transparent samples that you can see through, such as zipper baggies and clear pane glass. Total transmission measurements for translucent samples that allow light to pass through, but you can’t clearly see through, such as laundry detergent and 2-liter bottles.

How to measure transmittance of an object?

  • When precise transmissive measurements are required, a detector and reference standard light source are used to measure transmittance of an object. Figure 1 illustrates a sample setup for transmissive measurements of an object (e.g. red filter).

How do you measure the transmission of light?

  • Transmissive measurement setup with halogen light source and spectrometer to measure an object’s transmission. For all translucent objects, some of the light is absorbed, some is reflected, and some is transmitted. The deviation between these three variables is defined by the characteristics of the object.

image-What is transtransmission line measurement?
image-What is transtransmission line measurement?
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