What means phased in?

An obsolete term for a plant protein capable of agglutinating erythrocytes.

Is phase in hyphenated?

“Phase in” consists of a verb and a preposition, which have no need of a hyphen to signal their interrelationship: “The developers proposed to phase in that part of the project over the course of several years.” (This error likely exists as a result of a confusion of the phrase with its use as an adjectival phrase, ...Mar 22, 2017

What is the meaning of first phase?

a coming before all others; earliest, best, or foremost. b (as n)

Is it fazed or phased?

“fazed” more or less = “disturbed” “phased” more or less refers to stages.Jun 15, 2010

What does phased approach mean?

What is a phased approach? As one of two typical strategies utilized for the implementation of an ERP system solution, a phased approach is one in which functionalities of the system are introduced in a particular sequence, replacing old systems and methodologies gradually.Feb 16, 2020

How do you describe a phase?

In chemistry and physics, a phase is a physically distinctive form of matter, such as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. A phase of matter is characterized by having relatively uniform chemical and physical properties. ... For example, liquid mixtures can exist in multiple phases, such as an oil phase and an aqueous phase.Sep 12, 2019

What is in phase and out of phase?

phrase. If two things are out of phase with each other, they are not working or happening together as they should. If two things are in phase, they are working or occurring together as they should.

How many phases are there in English?

From that time to the present day, he argues, the language has gone through five phases of development and change.

What is an example of a phase?

The most familiar examples of phases are solids, liquids, and gases. Less familiar phases include: plasmas and quark-gluon plasmas; Bose-Einstein condensates and fermionic condensates; strange matter; liquid crystals; superfluids and supersolids; and the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic phases of magnetic materials.

What do you mean by pase?

Definition of pase

: a movement of a cape by a matador in drawing a bull and taking his charge.

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Is fazed a Scrabble word?

Fazed is valid Scrabble Word.


Is fazed slang?

“Faze” isn't in dictionaries of slang because it isn't slang, and it is far from new — it first appeared in its current form in 1890.Jan 17, 2012


How do you spell fase?

noun A simplified spelling of phase .

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