When should I use a passive radiator?

What is the best size port for a passive radiator?

  • The best a passive radiator can do is to be equivalent to a port with roughly the same diameter. An 8" port is better than a 8" passive radiator in theory since the port does not have a significant Vas or Qms. However passive radiators create specifications that are far beyond what any realistic port can achieve.

What does a passive radiator speaker look like?

  • A passive radiator looks like a normal driver (speaker) from the front, but on the backside, it appears to have had all of its "guts" removed. See the picture on the right. A passive radiator is a speaker without the magnet, and electronic structure attached to it; it is just the cone, suspension, and frame.

What is the difference between a bass reflex and passive radiator?

  • Passive Radiator vs. Bass Reflex Tube. Passive radiators are not super advanced alien technology; in fact they are very simple. A passive radiator performs the same duties that a "bass-reflex" port tube/hole does, but a passive radiator has many advantages over ported designs.

image-When should I use a passive radiator?
image-When should I use a passive radiator?
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