Who is WR & El Jones?

Who is Dr Jones & Partners?

  • Dr Jones & Partners is proudly Doctor owned & operated, Adelaide based radiology Practice offering diagnostic/interventional radiology services in South Australia Procedures MRI CT Ultrasound X-Ray Nuclear Medicine PET Breast Imaging Musculoskeletal Angiography Dental Imaging Bone Density Book Online Patients Billing Information

What kind of character is Jasper Jones in the Outsiders?

  • Jasper Jones: Mixed Aboriginal and white, Jasper is an outcast. He is fourteen but Charlie states that Jasper looks much older. He is the town's scapegoat, the first person to be blamed for any kind of trouble. Jasper's alcoholic father is physically abusive, prompting Jasper to steal for food,...

image-Who is WR & El Jones?
image-Who is WR & El Jones?
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